makeupMy name is Sally McMahon and I am an Exercise Physiologist, Makeup Artist and Skincare Consultant (quite the combo I know) that specialises in helping brides lose weight and achieve picture perfect skin and makeup for their wedding day.

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Like you, I was once a bride and spent my engaged life looking for that magic solution to become body beautiful and be captivating to my friends, family and most importantly my new husband on my wedding day.

Unfortunately, because I was an all-or-nothing person, I was prone to riding the weight loss roller coaster without truly achieving a healthy lifestyle but instead always being on – not a diet! – a “health kick”.

On these “health kicks” I would follow all of the advice I learned from every fitness magazine, Biggest Loser episode and healthy cook book I could find. I exercised more, spent loads of money on organic foods, supplements, diet shakes and even attempted (and miserably failed) the cabbage soup diet, but nothing worked LONG-TERM.


Then I discovered – unfortunately AFTER my wedding – the cold hard truth about why I simply couldn’t achieve my ideal weight. And here it is…

I made 2 fatal mistakes
1. I relied fiercely on WILL POWER and lofty goal setting
2. I was always STRIVING to be better, more and different

This was a losing battle, as it meant that I never arrived. Rather, I would always be  discontent and unhappy in my body and so in turn, I would craft another set of colourful goals, promise myself that this time I will be “good”, and off I’d go. But it was only a matter of time, before I would fall off the horse again.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Here are the 2 things that changed the course of my health and ultimately my life:

1. I RE-ENGINEERED MY ENVIRONMENT to be healthy so that the focus was no longer about will-power, because lets be real, we don’t really have any! There are so many ways I re-engineered my environment to be healthy and not enough space to share on this page, but you will learn all my secrets as one of my special Bridalicious Bootcamp brides.

2. I MARRIED MY BEST FRIEND and felt celebrated for who and what I was. In turn I became content and quit the stupid striving. Read our Surfing Wedding story magazine write up.

An amazing outcome of these changes were that I ACHIEVED SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS – defined as over 10% of your body weight, which is kept off for at least one year – with almost zero effort or brain power and have never in my life felt more happy and comfortable in my own skin. Hallelujah!!!

bridal makeup artist sutherland shireI would love the opportunity to share these life-changing lessons with you, so that you can find confidence and happiness in your body BEFORE your wedding day. Plus, I delight in the chance to use my skincare and makeup to bring out your inner beauty so that you are entirely captivating on your wedding day, your honeymoon, into your marriage and beyond.

Don’t go at it alone and make the same mistakes I did in striving your way to (temporary) weight loss and happiness, but register for a complementary Bridal Makeup and Makeover below and let’s do the journey together.

To Your Best Health & Beauty

                 Sally xooox

Makeup Artist, Arbonne Skincare consultant,
Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Health Coach