Wedding entrance surfing the sand dunes

Surprising our 200 guests, Paul and I surf down the Cronulla sand dunes into our wedding to the cheers of our guests. Relive this moment with us in this short 1.24min clip of our unique wedding entrance. Be sure to enlarge to full screen. Comments and sharing welcome.

The #1 reason you won’t see wedding weight loss

The #1 reason that will stop you from reaching your wedding weight loss goal is that you… Give in to your excuses! We are so clever at making up excuses. But, these excuses often prevent us from being true to our goals and ultimately to WHO we want to BE and HOW we want to … read more →

An example of my Health Vision Board

Why 80% of people and even more brides, fail on diets

Do you know that brides are the group most prone to dieting. Most brides lose weight for their wedding with 1 in 10 losing a whopping 25kg. Sadly though, a large majority of brides put all that wedding weight loss back on in their first year of marriage with 22% of brides putting on 10kg. … read more →

Welcome to Your Bridalicious Body and Beauty Blog

Our mission is to empower brides for marriage and beyond by teaching them weight loss, health and beauty principles that take less than 90mins per week and stick for life. To empower you on your journey to your best health and self, we’ll send you a complimentary subscription to our Bridalicious e-newsletter. You’ll get wedding … read more →

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