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 84% of brides go on some form of wedding weight loss program

bridalicious bootcamp wedding workout solution

If you’re anything like me, then you too are feeling both body and skin conscious in the lead up to your wedding, and would love the opportunity for a complete bridal makeover to achieve the wedding weight loss and perfect skin you desire for your photos, family, friends and (most importantly) your man, on your big day.

But have you seen the price of personal trainers lately? Not to mention the expense of copious trips to the beautician for facials? It’s enough to stress you out!

If you’ve been looking for a way to lose weight for your wedding and achieve picture perfect skin, then this page could reveal the solution you’re looking for.

You see, I too was a bride motivated to look my best for my new husband. Not just for the wedding, but to be an irresistible wife on my honeymoon and into our marriage. Having been a bride myself, I got tempted and continually frustrated by the myriad of wedding diets and wedding workouts that were all hype but no substance.

How many brides do you know that adopt a crazy diet, lose weight and no sooner do they replace the shakes with solids (an inevitable fact of life – we need FOOD) then they put the weight straight back on again. In fact there is no group that this is more true of than bride-to-be’s.

In fact the average bride gains weight in her first year of marriage. With one in four gaining a whopping 10kg!

5. BootcampAnd do you think it’s her new husbands fault? Well maybe a little, with the cosy nights in on the couch. But mostly it’s the extreme fad wedding weight loss diet she embarked on before the marriage. And let’s face it; we all know that fad diets don’t work!

I personally am a big believer in the principle of ‘beginning as you wish to continue’. This philosophy I carry across all of my exercise, nutrition and skin care routines so that you, as my valued Bridalicious Bride, can WIN at your health and beauty LONG-TERM. Otherwise it’s simply a cruel rollercoaster ride. And who wants that? Not me, and likely, not you?

If you have been looking for a way to lose weight and clear up your troublesome skin, then here is is your answer…

Introducing Bridalicious Bootcamp;
your complete bridal makeover solution

As well as Bridalicious Makeup, we offer a complete bridal makeover through our 12 week Bridalicious Bootcamp which guarantees results by offering tailored wedding workouts, the wedding dress diet, skin consultations and a complementary luxury skincare range. As a bride, you can be assured that you will achieve your desired wedding dress body and radiant skin plus enjoy the benefits of feeling relaxed, empowered, confident and captivating for your big day.

Wedding Workout and wedding dress diet leading to wedding weight loss1. Bootcamp2. Bootcamp

Bridalicious Bootcamp is your 12 week road to
wedding weight loss in less than 1 hour per week

1. Wedding Workouts

Wedding Workout on beach cronulla

  • Tailored to your wedding weight loss and deliciousness goals
  • Focusing on toning areas which boost a brides confidence in her wedding dress: arms, back, chest and for some stomach and derriere
  • BioAge Fitness Test conducted by an Exercise Physiologist – watch BioAge Video
  • Outdoor and indoor options
  • 45min power sessions
  • Lower the stress of planning your wedding
  • Optional: invite the groom along or your brides maids to join you for your wedding workouts conducted in Cronulla or in the greater Sutherland Shire area upon request.

2. Wedding Dress Diet

Wedding Dress Diet plant-based whole foods

Many weight loss diets promote restrictive eating and strict calorie counting. Such plans can be difficult to follow and leave you feeling hungry, tired and frustrated – not a formula for long term success. Our Wedding Dress Diet Formula is different.

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  • Scientifically proven system of weight loss
  • Wedding Dress Diet meal plans & healthy recipes
  • Food and exercise diary
  • Based on reputable CHIP program which endorses plant-based whole-food nutrition.
  • No hunger or deprivation

3. Bridal skincare advice

  • Our skin is the largest organ of our body and 60% of what we put on our skin absorbs into our vital organs within 30 seconds.
  • The average woman puts 515 chemicals on her face a day and uses 26 personal care products
  • 50% of women self-diagnose their own skin type

Bridal Skincare routine skincare and bridal makeup for sensitive skinDon’t waste another dollar on skincare that doesn’t achieve results and instead ends up in your cosmetic graveyard with products that are full of toxins and have never worked but that you can’t throw out because you paid so much for them! Learn what ingredients are safe to put on and what are not to put on your skin to achieve that perfect complexion for your wedding day. At Bridalicious we are all about empowering women through education, so you know how to achieve optimal beauty without compromising your health.

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  • Enjoy a personalised skin consultation and luxury facial
  • Learn simple ways to ensure optimal skin fitness for your wedding day.
  • Receive bridal makeup tips and discuss bridal makeup looks
  • Achieve picture perfect skin using your complementary luxury skincare range

4. Bridalicious Bootcamp 12 Week Online Program

  • Receive 12 weeks of online support through meal plans, shopping lists, workout programs and education
  • Receive weekly education in your inbox on the topics of EAT, PLAY and LOVE
  • Receive Pamper Projects weekly to help relax in the lead up to your big day
  • Valued at $97 and included in all Bootcamp packages.

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