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Bridal Beauty Regime: How to achieve a picture-perfect skin in 30 days

In just 30 days, achieve picture-perfect clear skin using this natural bridal beauty regime to have you walking proudly down the aisle.

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The more flawless and radiant your skin is underneath your makeup, the more captivating you will look on your wedding day. To achieve flawless skin try the following dietary and bridal beauty regime tips:
1. Drink plenty of water as this will help rehydrate your skin, and make it look flawless and beautiful.

2. Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake

3. Get 7-9hrs sleep daily as this allows your skin cells to repair and renew overnight

4. Eat foods that are rich in anti-oxidants eg. berries, artichokes, red grapes and red wine, beans, carrots, apples, potatoes and dark chocolate.

bridal skincare regime pure safe and benefitial5. Follow a skincare regime: cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin twice daily. It’s especially important to do this first before applying makeup because it is dangerous if your skin has dirt particles on it as this can result in the acne formations. Masking once per week will help remove that top layer of dead skin cells, minimises the appearance of large pores and gives your skin a radiant glow. Masking is a must for any bridal beauty regime and should be introduced not less that 1 month before the wedding, ideally 3 months out.

6. Use Safe and healthy products: Look for products free of animal fats or mineral oils, pH balanced, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested (not just recommended), natural, gentle and sensitive products without the harsh chemicals.

ACTION STEP: Introduce all of the above tips 30 days before your wedding day and watch your skin glow as a result. Learn how to apply long-lasting makeup here. If you’re after healthy skincare and cosmetics check out Arbonne.

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