Stress management for brides through mindfulness

Mindfulness: Your Time is Now

Life happens in the present moment – You only have ‘moments’ to live

Stress management for brides through mindfulnessWhen our mind is preoccupied with the past or the future (our wedding) we are not present in the moment where our life is happening. Not being present, in my opinion is one of the saddest symptoms of our fast-paced, busy, hedonistic Western world.

Mindfulness is about paying maximum attention with all our senses to the experience of the moment we are currently in. Including health practices like eating, exercising and relaxing.

Mindfulness must become a way of life in order to extract more enjoyment and pleasure from life. We need to train ourselves to notice the beauty in life a child’s laugh, a glorious day, a perfect flower, a funny joke, an act of kindness, a delicious meal…

Mindfulness eases anxiety. While we are fully in the present we cannot experience anxiety about the past or future (including our looming wedding or the marriage that follows). Why? Because rarely is our moment-by-moment life unpleasant, at least for 90% time.

1 study showed that only 10% of what we stress about comes true.

Mindfulness in natureTherefore we waste a lot of energy and lose a lot of our life being distracted from the moment by being worried about the future. And excessive stress actually makes us fat (from elevated cortisol levels). Sure take time to learn from the past and plan for the future. But then choose to live in the ‘now’ moment.

As a bride-to-be focus on the moments of joy with your soon-to-be husband, don’t get all-consumed by that looming wedding day which in reality is only a single day of your married life.

So realise that you are really only alive when you are present in the moment and therefore you can ‘live’ for longer if you are present in more moments. So Imagine if we are currently living at 20% mindfulness and we consciously increase by just 20%, we can essentially live twice as long.

Action Step: This week try upping the anti on being present with people and life’s special moments. See if you worry less and enjoy life more.

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