Calling all brides who want to look good, feel great + lose weight for their wedding, without turning into Bridezilla

Bridalicious Bootcamp Online is your personal trainer, dietician, life coach and beautician all rolled into one. My unique 12 week wedding weight loss program will support you to EAT, PLAY and LOVE in a way that serves your health, life and marriage.

Our approach


EAT – You don’t need to eat rabbit food to lose weight for your wedding. Food is about balance. Receive Wedding Dress Diet Plans, Shopping Lists and Recipes that make food nourishing, easy-to-prepare and delicious.
PLAY – The fun way of doing your Wedding Workouts. Rather than make exercise a tortuous thing to avoid, we show you how to make exercise ‘play-grounds’ and ‘play-dates’, with accompanying workout videos, pictures and instructions.
LOVE – We focus upon head, heart and mindset so you can walk into marriage with sustainable
‘Bridaliciousness’ rather than the unhealthy bridezilla stereotype. It’s not just about preparing for a wedding day, but for a marriage. The love part of the program is really what sets it apart from any other health and fitness programs.
PAMPER – You receive weekly pamper projects to carry out and are challenged to embrace date nights, nurture wholesome relationships, enjoy ‘me time’, practise makeup looks and care for skin and body.

It all adds up to a FIT WIFE FOR LIFE! 


Click here to join my 12 week online Bridalicious Bootcamp (Valued at $97). Use coupon Bridalicious20 to receive $20 off. Join the Fit Wife 4 Life Movement today.


If you take the first step and commit to Bridalicious Bootcamp for 4 weeks and for ANY reason are not 100% satisfied with your results, then I will instantly refund 100% of your investment. I’ll even let you keep my Super Bonuses (valued at over $100).

This program gets results. Whether you’re a bride, MOB or part of the bridal party, I would recommend Bridalicious Bootcamp to anyone seeking support, guidance and motivation to lose weight before their wedding” – Sam

“The Bridalicious Bootcamp program materials are 10 out of 10, high quality, easy to read, nice to follow, no fuss” – Laura

“It was time for a change and I knew I needed help changing. I felt like my health was out of control and that if things kept tracking the way they were, I could even be a candidate for the Biggest Loser…so that’s when I joined Bridalicious Bootcamp.” – Karen