Bridalicious Bootcamp Body wedding workouts wedding weight loss

The World’s 3 Best Weight Loss Secrets

Your diet contributes to 70% of your weight loss results! That’s right 70%! So, what you put in your mouth every day is more than twice as important as your wedding workouts.

Bridalicious Bootcamp Body wedding workouts wedding weight loss

If you really want to look fit and fabulous on your wedding day, you must focus on the food you eat. You should NEVER starve yourself, which is dangerous and slows down your metabolism so you gain more weight. This is a common mistake bride-to-be’s make which sets them up for miserable honeymoon and newlywed weight gain with 1 in 4 new brides gaining 10kg in their 1st year of marriage. Ouch! Don’t be cruel to yourself, but instead follow these forever weight loss secrets.

1. Begin as you wish to continue

Enjoy a Lifestyle approach to health! Whenever you start a diet ask yourself “Can I see myself doing this in 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years time?”. If the honest answer is “No” then don’t begin as its likely that you’ll become a statistic as one of the 80% of people who fail on diets, even more if you’re a bride-to-be hungry for dramatic wedding weight loss. Why is this a weight loss secret? Well its not as profitable nor does it require all of the shakes, pills and supplements of commercial fad diets.

2. Become a student to your body

Your body is actually made perfectly! It’s not made to be fat or unhealthy, it’s just that so often our circumstances, traditions or emotions lead us to eat poorly. Instead of you running the show, let your body be the teacher & tell YOU what types, quantities & timings of food it needs. Goodbye to mindlessly eating on the run and following the tradition of eating 3 square meals a day even if you’re not hungry. Give it a try and become a student to your body just for 1 week and see what it has to say.

3. ADD real foodsWedding Dress Diet plant-based whole foods

Yes that’s right ADD foods! Most diets are about TAKING AWAY and deprivation – something our mind doesn’t like (read more about how we’re motivated by pain and pleasure). Live, fresh, organic foods offer the best nutrition and water. The closer you can get to nature and the more colourful the better the nutritional value of your foods and the better your cells absorb these nutrients. Eating nutrient-rich foods prevents ‘cell starvation’ where you may have eaten copious amount of calories in the form of fat and sugar (eg. Big Mac meal) yet your cells are left starving due to the minimal nutritional value. The consequence of this is often longing for more food.

Action Step: Chose 2 of the above to focus on this week in your health and fitness regime: Begin only what you believe you will continue (even beyond your wedding), listen to your body, add more real foods or drink more water.

References: YOU: On a Diet – Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen

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