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Exercise because you LOVE it!

Imagine if you could wake up in the morning and feel an irresistible urge to exercise. No I’m not talking about THAT irresistible urge:-). Imagine if you exercised because you LOVED it. Not because you have to. Not because you’ll feel guilty if you don’t. Not because otherwise you’ll get fat. But because you WANT to…can you imagine it?

Wedding Workout Bridalicious Bootcamp outdoors

I absolutely adore what I do and love living and endorsing active living. My life’s mantra is “Dream It, Life It, Love It and Share It”. I recognise health is a journey rather than a destination, but right now I feel like I’m living a balanced and healthy life. I gave up striving long ago (read my story here) and feel I’m enjoying a place I affectionately call the unforced rhythms of health.

What are the unforced rhythms of health you ask?

Try boxing at sunrise

It’s the beautiful FREEDOM experienced when you have practiced healthy habits, pushed past the pain of change, equipped yourself with knowledge, hit the automation flow and then finally, oh finally, fallen in LOVE with active living.  Once you get there you won’t want to go back. Ours bodies were designed to move. Everything in our physiology reinforces this fact, once we get off our rusty dusty. We feel fitter, more energised, confident, slimmer, positive, intimate and relational. But I’m sure you knew that already…


Wedding Workout for the bride

I seriously love my clients and the privilege it is to journey with them to their best health. They inspire me to get up in the wee hours of the morning, to keep fresh in my personal health and to have fun with exercise. This morning’s session inspired me to write this blog. I came home beaming after a session with a couple who incorporated the children’s slippery slide into their running intervals. It made me laugh hysterically and reminded me of how wonderful it is keeping exercise F.U.N.

To inspire fun in your training here are a few ideas:

  1. Vicki is carrying her 9kg weight loss after 6 weeks at Bridalicious BootcampThrow in some variety like play equipment, tyres, balls, boxing or ropes.
  2. Mix up your exercise setting by embracing sand, water, stairs, roads, bush, outdoors, indoors or create obstacle courses.
  3. Exercise with others by playing a team sport, join a bootcamp, running club, go walking (rather than on coffee dates), Zumba or Pole Dancing.
  4. Try something new like surfing, SUPing, skating, trampolining, cross fit, trapeze, yoga, pilates, kayaking or hiking.
  5. Bridalicious Bootcamp at the sand dunes Have a laugh whilst you exercise, play pump up music, feel the endorphin’s buzz and bask in the knowledge that you’re sculpting a better YOU.

Know that at the end of the ‘struggle’ there is a place called the unforced rhythms of health. Keep going until you get there as gee it’s a beautiful place to BE.

ACTION STEP: Nothing… just feel encouraged to KEEP GOING!

 In the meantime, enjoy this gallery of my clients having ‘FUN’…

Bridalicious Bootcamp at Cronulla BeachBridalicious Bootcamp Group Session Cronulla

Bridalicious Bootcamp at the Cronulla sand dunes

Bridalicious Bootcamp Bridemaids Training

 Lets aim to be like this Super Granny who clearly LOVES active living

Super Granny

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